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nimals and livestock taken around Wuhan and in other places in Hubei Province. The expert added th8

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at the bat coronavirus, which is similar to SARS-COV-2, has never been found in Hubei, leading her toj

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believe that animal-to-human transmission occurred elsewhere.BEIJING, Dec. 20 (XinhU

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ua) -- Chinese government will make sure that supply-side structural reform in agricu9

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lture heads in the right direction, according to an official statement released Tuesday. As reform is crucial to the sector's long-term growth, no disruption will be tolerated, said the statement after o

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the central rural work conference which ended on Tuesday. Three bottom lines are no decline in grain production capacity, no change to the income growth trend for farmers, and no problems in rural stabil9

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ity, the statement said. The meeting also required precise poverty reduction gets another 10 million people out of poverty in 2017. China is likely to fulfill this year's target of bringing 10 million pek

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ople out of poverty ahead of time, marking a good start for lifting all itw